"All is safely gathered in..." most of it anyway... Greatly appreciating the dry and settled weather, we've finally brought in the last of our potatoes remaining in the field, and today our onion harvest has been put in the shed, out of the reach of whatever the winter has in store for us! The potatoes have been superb this year, rainfall in June determines how many potatoes each plant grows, and also their size. This year's dry June meant fewer potatoes on each plant, they are a lovely size. ~We choose which varieties we grow on their flavour, so all are delicious to eat, some especially good for roasting, some for mashing and some for baking, but to be honest you can't really go wrong with any of them!

And just to prove farming is one big circle, as we have harvested our onions, the next job is to plant out our autumn sown onion sets, which will be ready to pull next May or June.