So, the story of our lost sheep...and why we'll be lambing later this year...

It was a strange year for us on the farm this last one, as regards our sheep anyway. Read More >>

Christmas tastings and gift stall

This Saturday at the farm shop we are having a special tasting day Read More >>

Christmas at Pitney Farm Shop

Okay, so now we're in December Christmas really is on its way Read More >>

Crazy busy month we've just had!

Crazy busy month we've just had, but at last the bulk of the sowing, planting and weeding has been done, and the vegetables and fruits of our labours are growing almost as we're watching them! Read More >>

Hungry Gap

They don't call it the 'hungry gap' for nothing! Read More >>

Moving the pigs

So the big pig move is done. Under the organic system our pig herd is rotated, moving the whole herd to a new field every year at the end of wintertime.


Lambing has begun

The first lambs have been born today.

Preparing for lambing

The winter ritual of preparing the sheds for lambing has begun. Read More >>

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees have just been delivered!

Christmas fast approaching

Christmas is fast approaching and at Pitney farm shop we have everything you need for a delicious locally sourced Christmas dinner. Read More >>