Well, they don't call it the 'hungry gap' for nothing! Traditionally this is the time when fresh vegetables are scarce; we're in-between the last of the winter hangers on, and the first of summer's harvest and things can get a little tight... But look a little closer and there is lots to feel excited about, especially if you're like us and you've gone through the winter fiercely resisting imported tomatoes (not difficult) and peppers (much harder!), boy do you look forward to the first courgettes, tiny peppery salad leaves and delicious scarcely cooked sugar snap peas. And they are on their way...already we are having beautiful asparagus delivered several times a week from Wagg Meadow, scarcely over a mile away as the crow flies, and our own pickings include rocket, baby chard and spinach leaves, as well as beautiful creamy white cauliflowers. Adam's got the polytunnel looking like a tapestry of colour; different varieties of lettuce, spring onions, early courgettes, mange tout and the first french beans all in neat rows, a sight to behold, full of promise.