So the big pig move is done. Under the organic system our pig herd is rotated, moving the whole herd to a new field every year at the end of wintertime. Moving all the pigs and their arks , troughs, water pipes and fences is quite a task, taking a number of days, but it means that the fields are rested and the pigs get to root around in fresh soil. This way the herd is healthier,  any build up of disease or parasites are kept to a minimum, and the soil gets a chance to recover from the constant ploughing up that the pigs give it! The field that the sows and weaners have just left will now be ploughed (properly this time by our contractor neighbours' tractor) and then sown with barley. The growing barley will find all its nutrients already in the soil, from the dung that the pigs have left this last year.  When later, in the summer the crop of ripe, golden grain is harvested, it will be rolled and then stored to feed back to the pigs - completing a satisfying circle!