The winter ritual of preparing the sheds for lambing has begun. The same wooden barrier that Miriam made with her grandfather Dave in 1998 is fixed into place, still bearing the carved words "Made by Miriam Jane, Valentine's Day 1998", all glossy now covered with years of oil from the fleeces of jostling sheep. Huge bales of yellow straw have been rolled around the floor of the shed, the water trough cleaned out and filled with clear fresh water and the sheep have come in.  Rob has gone through them with Samuel, checking their udders to see how far away they are from lambing and separating them in the sheep race; those close to lambing on the right and those further off go into the pen on the left, they will go back out into the fields for a few more weeks. It's quite early to bring them in with the mild weather, always a danger of pneumonia, but Rob has decided with the threat of heavy rain and storms that it will be better for the sheep and the land this way.